Established in 1906, Smith’s crafts the highest quality footwear with a style that has combined wearability, versatility and originality.


In 1906, The Brooklyn Overall Company established a retail brand for men’s working apparel. They called it Smith’s American. Opening their first store in Brooklyn, New York. In early years if you were a tradesman, you would most likely have worn a pair of Smith’s overalls or carpenter pants to work.

Through war, depression, and boom times, American workers relied on Smith’s for rugged, affordable workwear.

After more than 100 years of existence this family owned fourth generation company has expanded nationally and internationally yet continuing to maintain its identity as a staple for authentic and durable Workwear. Smith’s has always made clothing that you wear to work and relax in after work. “Workwear for Living, Workwear for Life” 


New York, 1906. Thousands of immigrants landed at Ellis Island to create, with their own strength, a new life in the New World – someone thought to invent for them new resistant and comfortable workwear.

It was the Boshnack family. Thus was born the Smith’s American: “best workwear money can buy”. A strange destiny. More than a century later, it is a process of reverse migration, to give prestige to a brand full of history and stories: a bizarre comings and goings, with one goal – success